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Harbin Engineering University (HEU) is set up in 1953 and subordinated to China National Defense Commission of Science, Technology and Industry. It is a university with glorious history and tradition. Having a postgraduate faculty, HEU is among the first group of universities listed in national “211” project for key construction. It is an important base for cultivating talents and scientific research. HEU is also one of the first institutions which got approval from China State Council to offer PhD and Master degree. The university consists of 15 colleges and more than 40 research institutions with 2943 staff and 25188 students in total.
College of International Cooperative Education (CICE) has a high-quality and experienced Chinese teaching group which consists of Chinese and foreign teachers. Some of those teachers have been to many foreign countries for Chinese teaching and academic exchange. CICE provides well-equipped teaching facilities, such as laboratory centers and also comfortable apartments with thoughtful service for overseas students. CICE also attach importance to holding all kinds of healthy and beneficial extracurricular activities for foreign students, which aims to create pleasant environment for study and work. The outstanding results achieved by overseas students here in HSK exams owe much to the perfect Chinese teaching quality and also comprehensive tutorial before HSK exams. 
 1. Bachelor of Chinese Language
In 2004 CICE got approval from Education Ministry of China to set up Chinese language major and recruit overseas undergraduates. The aim of the major is to provide students with great Chinese language ability and communication competence. Students are expected to grasp the basic theories and knowledge of Chinese language and humanities; be familiar with the situation and social culture of the country; master some basic methods for document retrieval and reference enquiry. Graduates are capable of conducting elementary scientific research and work; or being advanced and qualified Chinese talents for economic and culture exchange between China and foreign countries.
Compulsory courses
Compulsory courses of basic knowledge for Chinese language undergraduates are set as follows: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced Chinese Comprehensive; Reading; Listening; Speaking; Writing; About China; Contemporary Chinese Literature; Classical Literature; Translation(English—Chinese, Korean—Chinese, Russian—Chinese); Modern Chinese Rhetorics; Business Chinese; Chinese Foreign Trade; Selected Commercial Periodicals and so on. According to professional characteristics, CICE upholds offering knowledge in proper sequence and combing with professional skills. Integrated language course are provided each year with courses on improving language sills and Chinese culture, etc. Thus, students could improve and consolidate their knowledge during the process.
Selected Courses
The courses are set to extend students’ professional knowledge and perfect their knowledge structure. Course are as follows: Chinese Culture; Chinese Masterwork Selected; Selected Poems from Tang and Song Dynasties; Chinese Information Disposal; Spoken Chinese idioms; Speech and Eloquence; Social Survey; Tourism Geography; Playing Chinese Musical Instrument Guzheng; Chinese Martial Art and so on. The courses are matched reasonably, which could help students deepen their basic knowledge and discover their potentials, and also arouse their interests and enlarge their knowledge scope.

2. Long-term Chinese Class
According to various needs and different Chinese levels of overseas students, there are in total 7 levels of classes, that is, level A,B C,D,E,F and G class. The teaching content is gradually progressive and connected between levels. Communicative competence and reading ability are not only attached with importance in class, the improvement of overall Chinese level is also focused. The length of each long-term class is one semester, which is usually 18 weeks including 1-week trial listening, 16-week lectures and 1-week exam. Students could take a higher level class after successful completion of one semester study.
Class A:For beginners or students who have only learned Pinyin and small number of vocabulary, but can not express ideas with a complete sentence;
Class B:For students who have basic knowledge of grammar and main sentences, and could communicate in simple dialogue;
Class C:For students who are able to express ideas in short paragraphs, paraphrase a long essay, and talk about a simple topic coherently.
Class D:For students who could discuss a common topic in paragraphs with adequate words and grammar, and also correct pronunciation and speed;
Class E:For students who could understand Chinese newspapers, Chinese broadcast and TV news programs, and also be able to express themselves freely.
Class F:For students who are able to express ideas adequately and free use Chinese in business activities.
Class F:For students who could translate a big number of Chinese words into their own language precisely.
3. Short-term Chinese Class
Short-term class can be start at any time with courses and extracurricular activities, such as scenery visit and home-stay experience set flexible according to needs of students. The length of short-term class is usually 2 to 8 weeks, with 18 to 24 academic hours per week.
Short-term Intensive Chinese Class: Students are expected to take intensive training in a short period of time to enhance their Chinese greatly, especially in their listening and speaking. The main courses are:beginning, elementary, intermediate, and advanced Chinese Comprehensive; Listening; Speaking; Chinese Video, Listening and Speaking, and so on.
Business Chinese Class: the focus of the class is communication-oriented Chinese with grammar and culture as supplementary knowledge. Students are expected to have some general knowledge of international business and be able to use language strategies flexible in formal occasions. More than 500 number of vocabulary are required to master as knowledge basis of the class.
During the intensive study period, there are also many elementary courses, such as Calligraphy, Chinese Martial Art, Musical Instrument Guzheng, Chinese Paper-cut and other courses on Chinese traditional culture for students to understand and enjoy Chinese civilization.
4. Studying and Living Conditions and Extracurricular Activities for Overseas Students
HEU has well-equipped teaching and research facilities and also good living conditions. There are modern library, first-class equipped teaching building, indoor gymnasium which could accommodate international match, and sports ground with international standard, which all provide favourable conditions for the overall development of students. High standard classrooms, language labs, multimedia rooms, computer rooms, reading rooms are also provide to overseas students.
Overseas students’ apartments are located in the center of campus, which are quite near to the classrooms, gymnasium, library and bank. Students could also walk to KFC, McDonald and supermarkets. There are reading rooms and computer rooms with internet inside the apartments, which are open free to overseas students. Each apartment is furnished in lounge, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and bedrooms (one room for each) with electrical households, which could make every student from abroad feel at home while studying in HEU.
Each moth CICE organizes one to two after-school activities for foreign students, such as city tour or surrounding sights visit, which are all free to students. The activities include visiting famous Sun Park, the world biggest Northeastern Tiger Park, the world number one Ice and Snow World. Competitions on Chinese Speech, Chinese Knowledge and so on are held often to encourage study of students. At the same time, different kinds of parties are also held for promoting friendship, spending traditional festival and celebrating Christmas.
5. Fees

Tuition Fees
Chinese Language Undergraduates
RMB 12200 Yuan/year
Long-term Chinese Class
RMB1650Yuan/month(for transferred student)
Short-term Chinese Class
RMB1250Yuan/two weeks
RMB1650Yuan/three weeks
RMB2100Yuan/four weeks
another RMB450Yuan for an increasing week

Type of apartment
56.5 m²
Long-term student:600Yuan/month·bedroom;
Short-term student:25Yuan/day·bedroom
2 bedrooms
Bed, desk, chair, chests, TV counter, television、internet interface, thermos and etc
Dinning table, dinning chairs, telephone
Water- heater, washing machine
cooker, fume extractor, refrigerator,
microwave oven, drinking fountains
Drying rack
Long-term student:500Yuan/month·bedroom;
Short-term student 25Yuan/ day·bedroom
2 bedrooms
Bed, desk, chair, chests, TV counter, television、internet interface, thermos and etc
Water- heater, washing machine
cooker, fume extractor, refrigerator,
refrigerator、microwave oven, drinking fountains
Drying rack
Registration fee:RMB250Yuan/student(not including Student Health Cover)
6. Application Eligibility
(1)Undergraduates of Chinese Language:
Foreign citizens or overseas Chinese, graduates of high school or up, in good health, non Chinese as first language, abiding by Chinese law and regulations of HEU
(2) Students of Chinese Class:
Foreign citizens or overseas Chinese, over 16 years old, non Chinese as first language, abiding by Chinese law and regulations of HEU
Miss Bingyang Nie and Miss Jing Guo
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