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Study Guide
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Registration 2012-11-13
Attendance 2012-11-13
Leave Procedures 2012-11-13
Course Selecting 2012-11-13
Examinations 2012-11-13
Study Assistance 2012-11-13
Transcript and Study Certificate 2012-11-13
Training Program (Plan) and Study Requirements 2012-11-13

A. The international students who have received Admission Notice from Harbin Engineering University should take your Admission Notice and Visa Application for study in China and register at College of International Cooperative Education of Harbin Engineering University within the time stipulated in the Admission Notice.
B. The international students who have been studying at Harbin Engineering University are required to register with their Student ID cards at the beginning of every semester.

 Tips: Those who cannot arrive school on time in new semester, please explain the reason to the College of International Cooperative Education one week before the beginning of new smester in written notice, through internet or by telephone. Those who fail to arrive at school two weeks behind schedule without asking for leave or without approval thouth asking for a leave would be considered as voluntarily dropping out and giving up their student status.
C. After arriving at school, international students should register in the following procedure.
(A) Go to 41#327 to have the visa scanned and registered.
(B) Go to 41#321 to pay for accommodation and the tuition and incidental expenses for the present semester or the whole school year.
(C) Take the receipts and the Chart for Registration to register for the new semester.
a. Go to 41#319 to check personal information and have the student ID registered. (Newly enrolled students should take two pictures the same like the picture on the visa for student ID)
b. Go to 41#319 to get the curriculum schedule and International Student Handbook of Harbin Engineering University.
c. Go to the Textbook Department on the first floor of 11# to get textbooks.
(a) The international students who have won Chinese Government Scholarship can get the textbooks in 41#319.
(b) Other students can purchase the textbooks voluntarily under the guidance of the teachers in Overseas Students Education Office.
d. Go to the Campus Card Management Center at the first floor of Qihang Student Center to get the campus card.
e. Physical Examination (newly enrolled students). The date will be informed.
² The tuition and incidental fees should be paid in full amount within the specified time every smester. Students who fail to pay as required will not be allowed to register.
² The campus card of Harbin Engineering University could be used to pay in the university cafeteria and the market. The campus card can be recharged and reported loss at the Campus Card Management Center.
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Elaborateness, Honesty, Diligence and Creativity has always been the academic style of Harbin Engineering University. The attendance of every student will be recorded by the teacher. If you have to be absent from class due to personal affairs or illness, prior statement must be submitted and approval must be obtained from the teacher and the counselor.

² A good attendance record is important to apply for the scholarships every year.
² Those who are absent from class for more than 1/3 of the total class hours of a course are not allowed to take the examination, and it will be recorded in the growth files and related evaluation form.
² Those whose absences from class accumulatively add up to 60 class hours or 2/3 (two-thirds) of the total number of weeks in a semester will be informed to quit school.


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Leave Procedures

If you cannot be present at class due to illness or to attend to private affairs, please ask for leave in the following way:
A. Sick leave: the student him/herself have to or entrust another person to go to 41#319 to fill in a Leave Application and provide the medical certificate from the university hospital or other hospital.
B. Private affairs leave: the student him/herself have to or entrust another person to go to 41#319 to fill in a Leave Application and provide a personal application or a certifying document, such as an invitation letter.

Tips: Academic activities would not be off for your own country’s legal festivals and holidays. If there is any activity to participate in your Embassy, please fill in a Leave Application at 41#319 and provide the official document from the Embassy.
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Course Selecting

A. Selective courses for undergraduate international students:
(A) Selective courses specified in the Training Program: the selective courses of undergraduate international students usually begin at and after the fourth semester. Please read the Training Program of your major carefully and select courses. Fill in the course-selecting table at 41#319 and select courses for the next semester under the guidance of the teachers there.
(B) HSK courses: please go to 41#319 to register for the class and pay for the related fees, and get the HSK curriculum schedule at the beginning of every semester.
(C) Martial Art: please register and get your curriculum schedule at 41#319 at the beginning of every semester.
B. Selective courses for short-term students:
For those short-term students of College of International Cooperative Education of Harbin Engineering University, there are many courses about Chinese culture to select. Anyone who is willing to attend such classes, please go to 41#319 to select class.

² Undergraduate students who take class in Chinese have to get a HSK certificate (old HSK grade 5, new HSK grade 6 )and required credits of selective courses in Training Program. Please choose courses according to your own conditions.
² Other selective courses about Chinese culture are limited by the student number. Please pay attention to the relative notice and expense standard, and go to 41#319 for information.
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A. Final Examination
(A) In order to offer convenience for you to prepare for the examinations and make plans for the vacations, the examination timetable will be sent to you every semester one or two months earlier before the examinations.
(B) Please take your Student ID and go to the appointed examination room 15 munites in advance.
(C) Please obey the rules of the examination room and don't take the following objects with you to the examination room:
a. Books and materials related to the examination (except open book examinations);
b. Cell phone and other electronic devices with storage function.
(D) Students who violate the disciplines of the examination would be handled strictly. Please follow the Measures on Handling Acts in Violation of Disciplines of the Examinations of Harbin Engineering University.
HSK is a unified state examination. Please refer to the link below for the exam time and check the notice board outside office 319 from time to time.

² The time of the final examination will be arranged by the school and will not be changed for anyone’s personal reasons. Please make plans for your vacations according to the exam time.
² There will be several HSK examinations in HEU. Please pay attention to the notice board outside office 319 for the examination time and related matters.
² You can prepare for the final examination in the university library or in the study room inside the dormitory.
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Study Assistance

Dear international students, especially those undergraduate students who take class in Chinese, in consideration of the difficulties you might meet during your study, the study assistance activities are implemented between Chinese students and international students. If necessary, you may fill in a form at 41#319, a suitable Chinese student would be found soon to help you. In addition, there is a Friendly Class servicefor the independent classes to solve their problems during study and found a deep friendship with their Chinese friend.
Tips: The Study Assistance Activity is just an aid. Only if you keep studying hard in the four years and never give up can you achieve an excellent academic record.

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Transcript and Study Certificate

A. Study Record in Chinese
(A) Undergraduate international student: if you want to check your scores, please log in:
if you need paper transcript with stamp please go to 41#319 .
(B) Short-term students: your study records will be sent at the end of every semester.
B. Study Record in English
You can get your study record in English at the University Archives after you get your study record in Chinese at 41#319 and pay for the corelated charges. The Archives is at Room 103 of the Library. Tele: 82519766
C. Study Certificate
You can get a certificate of study at Harbin Engineering University at 41#319 if necessary. The first time is free and 10 yuan each time after.
Tips: please provide a written application for study record and study certificate pointing out the purpose.

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Training Program (Plan) and Study Requirements
 A. Undergraduate international students
(A) the mode of HEU International Undergraduate Training Program is 1.5+2.5. International undergraduates study in College of International Cooperative Education in first 3 semesters and enter the major training in related colleges in the rest 5semesters.
(B) You can get the Training Program of your major at 41#319.
(C) Office for International Students’ Affairs (41#319) is in charge of the guidance of the undergraduate students’s understanding of the Training Program and selecting courses accordingly, and help the international students get requested credit and graduate successfully.
B. Short-term students
Short-term students can get the Training Program and the curriculum at 41#319 at the beginning of every semester while registering.
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