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A. University restaurants
(A) There are two university restaurants—Student Dinning Plaza and Student Dinning Hall. You can have a dinner by swiping the campus card according to your own preference and dietary habit.
(B) The Muslim dinning room is located on the fourth floor of Student Dinning Hall.
B. Other restaurants inside the university
There are many restaurants near the No. 11 Students’ Apartment for the convenience of the students.
C. Catering around the university
(A) Outside the west gate of the university: Golden Hans, Wenhua Restaurant, and MacDonald.
(B) Outside the east gate of the university: barbecue restaurants and many restaurants with Northeastern flavor.
(C) Around Apartment A: MacDonald, Shi Wei Tian inside Carrefour.
(D) The Center Street: Huamei Restaurant, Russia Coffee & Food etc.
Bus routes: take Bus No. 53 at Nantong str. and get down at Center Street.
(E) For more information please visit:

² The Center Street and Huanghe Road in the development zone are full of delicious food where you can have dishes with northeastern flavor and genuine Russian meals.
² Those who are not accustomed to Chinese diet or have special dietary habit can shop at the nearby market, Carrefour or Qianxi Supermarket and cook by themselves in the department.
² Dinning at the university restaurants are recommended for the consideration of diet security.
² For dinning at the university restaurants, you can recharge your campus card at the Campus Card Management Center on the first floor of Qihang Activity Center.
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A. Center Street: all delicious food and special local products of Harbin can be found there. The main shopping sites are New 100, Mykal, Gold Sun, Central Shopping Mall, Jin Di Store, Euro Plaza and Parkson, etc.
Bus: take Bus No 53 at Nantong Str. and get down at Center Street.
B: Qiulin Business District: Qiulin, Orand Shopping Center, Hongbo and Qiulin underground shopping mall.
Bus: take Bus No 6 at Nantong Str. and get down at Qiulin Gongsi.
C. Convention and Exhibition Center: Carrefour, Hongbo Underground Shopping Center.
Bus: take Bus No 203 at Hongping Xiaoqu and get down at Huizhan Zhongxin.
D. For more information please visit:

Tips: Please pay attention to your own property and traffic safety.
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A. Qihang Activity Center: KTV and Kaoru’s Cake House on the second floor and Coffee House on the fourth floor.
B. Harbin Amusement Park: outside the north gate of the university.
C. Sun Island: it is a national AAAAA scenic spot which is located on the north Coast of Songhua River.
D. Harbin Ice and Snow World: The College will take the international students to visit the Ice and Snow Artworks Show every winter.
E. Yabuli Ski Field and Yuquan Ski Field: the students can contact the travel agent.
F. For more information please visit:

²Harbin which enjoys the fame as “Little Paris in Eastern”, is a resort for tourism and vacation. Due to the large number of tourists and the complicated situation, please pay attention to your traffic and property safety.
²Those who drink alcohol should be aware that fights may be started at the bar at any time. Please take care.
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A. Accommodation in the university
(A) At present, there are two international students’ apartments in Harbin Engineering University, namely Apartment 30th and Apartment 35A.
(B) To ensure your safety and build a warm and comfortable living environment, please pay attention to the following rules:
a. Daily schedule: Both apartments are locked from 23:00 to 5:00 the next day in order to make sure the students have enough time and a quiet environment to rest and prepare for the study next day. Those who came back late or need to go out in case of emergency have to register downstair.
b. Reception Regulation: In Apartment 35A, there is a reception room and a study room where there is free internet access and you can study quietly. You can also prepare big meals for your friends and classmates.
c. International Students’ Apartments are provided for international students specifically. In order to make sure your safety and avoid property loss and personal injury, visitors are not allowed to be accommodated in apartment for the night.
d. The apartments are built in the district for the stuff and their family. Please refrain from drinking alcohol, making noise and playing loud music in the apartment.
e. Please take good care of the facility in the apartment that are paid by the university for the international students. Lodging international students should compensate according to the price if they damage the facility. Please be careful and cooperative.
f. Please see Regulation on Management of International Students Apartment for other issues.
B. Off-Campus Housing
(A) The International Students should fill the Application form at Oversea Students Accommodation Office, and have to find the house to rent by themselves after approval.
(B) According to Relevant Laws and Regulations of the PRC, the students should go to the local police station companied by the house owner to check in the procedures of Form of Temporary Residence for Foreigner within 24 hours when moving to the off-campus house.
(C) The students should offer the registration from local police station, the tenancy agreement to Oversea Students Accommodation Office.
(D) Please see Regulation on Management of International Students Apartment for other issues.

²The apartment is closed according to the schedule strictly. Please pay attention to the closing time.
²In order to not affect other’s rest and to avoid emergencies involving the personal and property safety, please receive visitors in the Reception Room at the first floor and do not take your friends into your room without college permission in advance.
²Please choose your off-campus house carefully if necessary, and follow the procedures of application about Off-campus Housing strictly.
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Post Office

A. Campus Post Office
Location: B1/F of Building 21B
Tele: 82519358;82519358
B. The university cooperates with many international express service companies such as EMS and DHL. Please contact 41#319 if necessary.
C. University mailing address: Building X,Harbin Engineering University, NO.145, Nantong Street, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China
D. Postcode: 150001

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All bedrooms are equipped with broadband network, so the international students can go to the business window in 9th apartment to open an account and pay the fee by taking the passport and money. The international students should pay 60 Yuan for the first time (20 Yuan is the account fee and 40 Yuan is the network fee) and the following month and after the international students should pay 40 Yuan per month. The international students should also install the Ruijie software according to the flow chart of the open an account window and input the IP address, the network will be available.
The telephone number of network center: 82518222

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Electric Fee

After the foreign students check in the foreign students’ apartment formally, they should first go to security guard in the first floor of the apartment to get the electricity card correspondent to the room and then go to the electricity and water section which is in the 9th department to pay electricity charges by taking the electricity card when they want to buy the electricity.

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Buy SIM Card

In order to avoid the foreign students being cheated, to buy the phone card from the Informal business hall or street vendors is not recommended. And the following are the formal business hall for reference near the university:

Business hours
Necessary documents
China Mobile Nantong Street business hall
No.77, Nantong Street
Personal passport
China Mobile
Marine business hall
The retail department
in the first floor
of the Marine
Electronic World
Personal passport

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Religious Belief

A. Daowai Mosque    Address: No. 54, South 13th str., Daowai Dist.
B. Harbin Orthodox Church    Address: No. 270, Dongdazhi str., Nangang Dist.
C. Christianity Church at Shike Street.    Address: No. 47, Shike str., Nangang Dist.
D. Harbin Jile Temple   Address: at the east side of Dongdazhi str., Nangang Dist., at the back of the Amusement Park

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