Organization of Foreign Students
Organization of Foreign Students
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Autonomous Organization of International Students 2012-11-14
Basic information 2012-11-14
Autonomous Organization of International Students

A. Undergraduate International Student Union
B. International Student Football Team

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Basic information

A. Undergraduate International Student Union
(A) Nature and aim
The Undergraduate International Student Union is an autonomous organization of international students founded under the guidance of the College of Inernational Cooperative Education, with the participation of the international students. It acts as a bridge between international students, international students and Chinese students, and between international students and teachers. It is also an important platform for the international students to show their talents and build up their abilities.
B) Organizational structure
(C) Personnel system
a. The members of the Union are elected annually, and the cadres of the Union can not serve two consecutive terms.
b. There are about 8 cadres in the Union, and one to three secretaries in every department.
c. The cadres of the Union are elected in the following process: personal application, recommendation from the consellor and election by all the candidates.
d. The secretaries are appointed by the cadre of the department.
(D) The duty of the Union
a. Conduct regular meetings to inform the arrangement of the Office for International Students' affairs, develop a work program according to the actual situation of the international students, and carry out the program in time.
b. Actively cooperate with the consellor and inform the consellor of the thought, study and living of the international students.
B. International Student Football Team
The international student football team have played friendly football games with the international students of universities in Jiamusi and Changchun, and played many other Chinese-foreign students friendly football games in which they won victory after victory.

² Welcome internation students from any country to join the football team, but the main players have to be degree students in consideration of the stableness of the team.
² Please take in to consideration your personal condition because of the intensive exercise.
C. Requirement for the application of international students society
(A) A student society has to be started by at least 5 degree students together and the main founder-members must possess good qualities, organizational and management abilities, and have not violated any school rules or got any penalty.
(B) The society must possess a formal name and a normative aim, and submit to the Office for International Students’Affairs a formal application, formal regulations of the society, a working plan for the semester and a long-term developing plan.
(C) A society must possess at least 15 member, a complete organizational structure and at least one supervisor.
(D) The foundation of a society has to be proved by the college. Anyone who is responsible for the foundation of a society without approval shall be given sanction.
Tips: The foundation and operation of a society is a process to test students organize and communicate ability. To support a society actually, the team of the society must have a strict style of work and unselfish dedication, which is also an important factor for the society to be proved by the college.
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