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Alarm number 2012-11-14
How to handle emergencies 2012-11-14
Alarm number

Police: 110
Fire: 119
Ambulance: 120
Traffic Accident: 122
Alarm number in university: 82519999

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How to handle emergencies

(A) Police Alarm
a. Please remember the police alarm number is 110.
b. Please keep yourself out of the sight of the gangster while calling the police. It is important to keep yourself safe and wait for the police at the same time.
c. Please don’t be panic while calling the police. Tell the police: the exact location where you meet the gangster; the exact number of the gangster and their means of transportation; the weapon they are carrying so that the police may take proper measures.
(B) Loss and Theft
a. If anything were stolen, please call 110 and tell the police your address, your name and the item(s) stolen.
b. If you lost any card or certificate, please report lost to the issue department immediately.
(C) Fire Alarm
a. Please call 119 immediately if a fire is noticed.
b. Please report the exact location of the fire.
c. Please illustrate the environment of the fire and the traffic condition briefly.
d. Please explain the cause of the fire.
 (D) Sudden Acute Disease
a. Please call 120 first and inform your counselor of the natural information of the patient, such as name, nationality, class and of the patient’s condition and the cause of the illness.
b. Please take necessary first aid to the patient before the arriving of the ambulance.
c. Please tell the doctors about the medical history of the patient and the medicine frequently taken by the patient for the doctor’s reference.
(E) Traffic Accidents
a. Call 110 or 122 immediately
b. If anyone were hurt, please call 120 immediately.
c. Maintain the original site and wait for the traffic police.
d. If the causing driver runs away, please write down the license number and the running direction and report it to the traffic police.

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