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Macquarie University
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Located in the northwest part of Sydney, Macquarie University is 20 kilometers away and 25-minite’s drive from the downtown. The whole university covers 135 hectares area and stands just beside the Lane Cove National Park. The university occupies the center part of the fist standard hi-tech park in Australia; it is next to huge transnational corporations and the largest hi-tech park in the whole nation.
The university consists of three colleges, namely, college of commerce, college of humanity and social science, college of technology. With a high international reputation, the main majors are economy and finance, administration, education, linguistics and psychology, humanity, jurisprudence, sociology, culture and media, laser research, environment and life science, information and computer science etc.

Foreign University
Corresponding Majors
Foreign Language requirement
(IELTS For English )
Score requirement in HEU
Foreign University
Macquarie University of Australia
Commerce-Professional Accounting.
Applied Finance
6.5 or higher and 6.0or higher,and each part(listen,speak,read and write ) no less than 6.0
Average score higher than 75
Tuition Fee Each Year
Living cost and other fees for reference
Preparation of Security deposit for Visa
Commerce-Professional Accounting.
Applied Finance
27096 Australian Dollars
Living cost each year is about 18000 AUD, the insurance each year is about 410 AUD
More than 500 thousand Yuan; deposit three months before visa application;deposit for one year under the name of your parents















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