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University of Maine
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Located at Lemans, University of Maine was founded as a comprehensive university by French government. It was built in 1966 and stood in the center of the university town of Lemans. Its main education fields are technology, culture and many professional disciplines. The university has the capacity of 8000 students and could provide 155 types of high education certificates. Supported by the modern facilities and strict teaching quality administration, University of Maine has reached a high level in the teaching quality by stressing on the combination between education and social economic environment. The main concept of the university is to provide practical, advanced and social development-connected high education. Under the education, creativity and novelty are inspired and during the term, the opportunities of internship and work in French companies and factories could be provided. The elites also have the opportunity given by the university to get the scholarship for further study. Many graduates have the access to French universities, engineering colleges or universities for further study.

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