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St. Petersburg National Marine Technology University
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 Located in St. Petersburg Russia, St. Petersburg National Marine Technology University was founded in the year of 1930 with 500 faculty members, among which 32% faculties are engineers and professors. Under the administration of Russian Ministry of Education, St. Petersburg National Marine Technology University establishes the following majors based on the full-time education:
Ocean exploration, marine biological research, marine geological exploration, security technology, environmental engineering, state and municipal administration, civil economy, finance and credit, accounting, analysis and audit, economy and administration, organizational administration, applied computer science, marketing Etc. St. Petersburg National Marine Technology University establishes the overseas student office serving for the overseas students, and facilities and buildings are provided to students for a better rest and exercise out of daily intensive study such as medical center, football yard, swimming pool, basketball yard, tennis yard, students’ dormitory. Through years of administration, the university has been in the rank of key universities and come to the top in the Russian navigation colleges.

Foreign University
Corresponding Majors
Foreign Language requirement
(IELTS For English )
Score requirement in HEU
Foreign University
St. Petersburg National Marine Technology University
Ship Engineering
The examination organized by the other country for the oversea Russian students has to be passed
All the courses should be passes
Tuition Fee Each Year
Living cost and other fees for reference
Preparation of Security deposit for Visa
3300 Dollars
Accommodation fee and other fees each year is about 5500 dollars
More than 50 thousand Yuan; either deposit or current account, should be deposited under the name of the student before admission








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