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 The predecessor of New England University in Australia was New England University College founded in 1938, which belongs to Sydney University and was fully independent in 1954 and become today's university of New England. History of New England University  can be traced back to the 1920 s when it was Australia's first university established in places outside the capital. As one of the most famous university in Australia’s teaching, training and research universities , New England University enjoys a very good reputation. Students graduate from this university have high evaluation to it. New England University not only provides different learning opportunities for international students ,but also offers the students with a high quality education level, excellent learning and recreational facilities and environment to support services and benefit students in study . At present the university has 18000 students, more than 500 international students, 500 postdoctoral workstation, which are the embodiment of the school academic strength.
New England University is located in Armidale, New South Wales( New South Wales is located between Sydney and Brisbane ), the New England region is as beautiful as a painting with grand canyon, waterfalls and streams. New England University can be described as "quiet and graceful learning environment". This university is famous for the high quality of teaching and scientific research and being surrounded by beautiful New England.
The table below is formed according to the information between 2011 and 2012, but only serves for reference(there will be some changes each year for students who want to go abroad and the table does not represent the future requirement)

Foreign university
Corresponding major
Foreign Language requirement
(IELTS For English )
Score requirement in HEU
Foreign university
New England University, Australia
Bachelor of Business (accounting)
 6.0or higher,and each part(listen,speak,read and write ) no less than 5.5
Pass all courses
computer science and technology
Bachelor of computer science
 Tuition per year
Living expense and other fees
 Visa bond
Bachelor of Business (accounting)AUD15451,computer science and technology AUD16980.
Living expense is about AUD18000,insurance about 410 for each year
More than RMB400000万元;deposit three months before visa application;deposit for one year under the name of your parents.









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