University of Sydney

The University of Sydney was founded in 1850, located in the center of Sydney, the financial center of Australia, is one of the world's top universities with a long history, which is also regarded as the world's most beautiful university campus by many authoritative media.

As the first university in Australia and even in the southern hemisphere, the University of Sydney is also a core member of Association of Pacific Rim Universities, Australia’s eight leading academic research institutions, and Pacific Asian Consortium for International Business Education and Research. About ranking, in 2015-2016 British QS World University Rankings, the University of Sydney ranked No. 45 in the world; in American World News Weekly World University Ranking, it ranked No. 45; in the latest 2016 QS the competitive power of world university graduates rankings, it surpassed other Australian universities and topped the list of Australia with great advantage, ranking 14th in the world, thus known as the “Oxford in the Southern Hemisphere.”

For a century and a half, the teachers and students in University of Sydney have created many world-changing inventions, such as the WIFI, heart pacemaker, aircraft black box; even 1/3 of the Australian Nobel Prize winners are graduates form the University of Sydney, which runs far ahead of other universities in Australia, leading the development of science and technology in Australia. Moreover, the University of Sydney graduates have firmly controlled the lifeline of Australia’s politics and economy. Eight Australian Prime Ministers, including the first Prime Minister Edmund and the current Prime Minister Turnbull, the three of the current six federal judges and the only Australian United Nations President all graduated from the University of Sydney. In addition, the World Bank President, the President of Australian Central Bank RBA , President of Australia’s largest investment bank Macquarie Group and other well-known  politicians and businessmen are all graduates from the University of Sydney. So among all the universities in Australia, the University of Sydney possessed the largest number of billionaire graduates.

According to the Australian National Television news, in the Australian college entrance examination admission in 2015, the University of Sydney once again became the university which the most students would like to choose. Because of the high academic reputation and evaluation of employers, the record that the University of Sydney has been attracting the most native students has never been broken for more than a decade.