University of Aberdee

University of Aberdeen (abbreviated as AU),the famous center for education and research, was founded in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1495. It’s one of the four ancient universities established in the middle ages in Scotland, and it’s also the fifth oldest University in Britain. The total number of students is nearly 14000. Since it was founded, University of Aberdeen has been one of the most historic, representative and powerful research institutions in the UK, with a world-renowned quality of teaching and research, and five Nobel laureates. It is also one of the 20 star universities in the UK. Meanwhile, it was credited as No.1 by The Times as “ten most favorable universities for employment”. In the latest QS world university rankings (2015-2016): University of Aberdeen was ranked 137th in the world. And at the same time, it ranked 37th in the latest 2016 Times World International University rankings.

The medical department in the University of Aberdeen enjoys a great reputation. It established the first Medical School before other English-speaking countries, where the insulin and nuclear magnetic resonance were invented by the professors of the university. Law School in the University of Aberdeen is considered one of the top law schools in the UK, and the course International Law and Business Law is particularly suitable for Chinese students. The major of Petroleum Engineering ranks the second in the UK, which can provided students with more employment chances.

The Duchess of Cornwall (Duchess Rosassi) took on the position as the chancellor of the University of Aberdeen in 2013. Besides, the former governor Lord Wilson and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill has also served on this post.

University of Aberdeen is located in the third largest city in the scenic east coast of Scotland—Aberdeen City, which is also known as Granite City. Since the 1970s, with the rapid development, Aberdeen has become the largest base for developing the North Sea oilfield in Britain. Many large oil companies that are responsible for the exploitation are based on Aberdeen as their home-port and transport headquarters. So the city is also called "oil capital of Europe" . The 500-year-old groups of buildings of the university are still in use, and have been a scenic spot in Scotland for a long time.


 University of Aberdeen is one of the six oldest universities in Britain, which was ranked 117th in the world (according to the 2010 QS World University Rankings) and 19th among British universities (according to the report by "The Times" in 2003 about the British university rankings) . There are four researchers who have won the Nobel prize, including the inventor of insulin. Biological science is the strongest discipline in this university. Besides, environmental science, social science, law, MBA and financial investment are also its strong fields. The university provides free chances to learn English for international students at school. And it also welcomes the new arrivals at the airport or tram station.

In a recent scientific evaluation, 10 departments of University of Aberdeen scored 5 points, which indicated that they have reached an international advanced level. As a result, 85% of University of Aberdeen faculty members work in departments that are considered to be academic centers domestically or internationally.

  At the 500th anniversary of the founding of University of Aberdeen, the asteroid 5677 Aberdonia was named as "University of Aberdeen" star to commend the school's outstanding contributions to medicine, natural philosophy and astronomy education. University of Aberdeen is very forward-looking. The courses which it set up, such as artificial intelligence, keep a close look at the discipline of the 21st century and the opening of new field. 97% graduates of University of Aberdeen get employed successfully, or continue their studies, which reflects the close relationship between University of Aberdeen and industries, the main research centers, and the international top universities. And the University of Aberdeen has been trying to maintain this connection.