University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is located in the famous coastal city of Portsmouth in the south of England. It was developed by the Gosport College of Arts and Sciences in 1869. It began to confer bachelor’s degree in 1900. Since it was reformed into a comprehensive university in1992, it has become one of the largest universities in the UK with 23,000 students, more than 4,000 of them being international and EU students from nearly 130 different countries. The Business college became a member of the AMBA officially in 2007. In the 2016-2017 Thames Higher Education World University Rankings, Portsmouth University ranked between 401-500. It ranked 85th in the Global Emerging Universities in 2015. The University of Portsmouth was selected in the list for the first time in the latest 2016QS world university rankings, ranking between 601- 650. In 2016USNEWS World University Rankings, it ranked 588. Portsmouth University is one of the universities of mutual recognition between China and UK.


The university has two main campuses: one is located in the city center next to the city hall of Portsmouth; and the other is Langstone campus which is on the eastern seaside.

Longstone campus

The Longstone campus is located in the Milton district of eastern Portsmouth which is near the port of Langstone, and it’s mainly the accommodation area, as well as the sports ground. There are three main dormitories, (EQM, Trust Hall and Langstone Flats. Every Monday to Friday you can take the free school bus to go and from the dormitory and teaching area. The school bus comes at 20-minute intervals.

Downtown campus

The downtown campus contains the main buildings of the university which are all over the city center. The teaching buildings and seven student apartments centered on the Southsea.

Geography and Communication

Portsmouth is an island city on the southern coast of England with an enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere, and it’s one of the cities with best climate in the UK. Its geographical position is ideal: you just have to spend one hour from it to London by train, and also very convenient to go to Heathrow or Geithike Airport. It takes only over one hour to go from the university to the airport. Mini-bus service is also provided between the campuses. Portsmouth is a diverse community where the living and working of the citizens is very harmonious.