University of Hertfordshire

University of Hertfordshire was founded in 1952, which is one of the university approved by the British Queen to be establish, and once won the British Queen Award. As one of the UK's ten largest institutions, it is a well-known modern comprehensive national University financed by the government and supervised by the government with reliable guarantee of quality. Due to the continuous innovation and development in higher education, it has established a great reputation and become one of the leading universities in the UK.

The University of Hertfordshire was formerly known as the British Aerospace Center, which was approved by the British Queen personally. As a result of the pioneering innovation of higher education, it quickly established a reputation for excellence in the universities all over the world. After more than 50 years of rapid development, the University of Hertfordshire, a comprehensive national university, now has more than 100 professional disciplines, providing undergraduates, postgraduates and doctor candidates various courses. Its goal is to cultivate practical engineering and modern management talents for the country, thus known as "the cradle of entrepreneurs and engineers" in the UK.

The University of Hertfordshire is located in Hartford, Hertfordshire County, north of London, which takes just 20 minutes from Hatfield to King Cross Station in downtown London. The university offers you a wonderful study and living environment. And it is also convenient if you want to go shopping, sightseeing, tasting or watching opera in London.

Location: Located in Hertfordshire County, southern England, with economic prosperity , good law and order.

Hertfordshire University enjoy a high reputation in Europe and the world because the majority of its graduates majoring science and engineering are in line with government and business needs. The university operates on the principle of fostering talents specialized in practical engineering and modern management. As one of the most modern universities in the UK, it has the largest and most advanced learning resources center (the library), and all the classrooms are equipped with advanced computer and multimedia teaching facilities. First-class teaching facilities and good reputation attract students all over the world. At present, there are 22,000 full-time students, with over 2000 international students from more than 90 countries.

 The University of Hertfordshire is witnessing the most exciting stage in the history with great passion: A new campus invested with 120,000,000 pounds was put in use from September, 2003. The new campus is the largest developing project in British higher education. It is named after de Haviland to mark the outstanding contribution of Sir Jeffrey, the world's first jet inventor,  in the field of aviation.

The area of Hertfordshire was once famous for the birthplace of the world's first jet. And now it again becomes the focus of world’s attention. But this time it is because of the pioneering role of the University of Heidelberg in higher education and the completion of the new campus as one of the greatest works of the twenty-first century.

The University of Hertfordshire is located in an area with intense researching and developing activities, where many international pharmaceutical companies and telecommunications companies invested heavily in research. The region's film and media industry is growing at the fastest pace. And it also needs a large number of senior technical talents in the communications industry. So this area can offer the graduates a lot of work, especially those who have pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial ambitions. However, the employer's demand for graduates goes far beyond the requirements of business. There is a great need of advanced technical graduates in many areas of the public service industry. The University of Hertfordshire offers more than 700 nursing graduates and more than 300 teachers each year for the local hospitals and schools. These occupations are very important for healthy and prosperous communities.

The University of Hertfordshire is the cradle of entrepreneurs and engineers. If you want to study politics or conduct theoretical researches, the University of Hertfordshire is not your best choice. If you want to find a good job in the future, then it should be the ideal choice for Chinese students. In fact, more than 20,000 native British students are studying at this university, which is the most powerful explanation: even in Britain, the vast majority of parents want their children to have a good job in the future, but not to go into politics or to do theoretical research.