University of New England

The New England University College (NEUC) was formed in 1938 as a college of the University of Sydney. In 1954 the University became fully independent as the University of New England (UNE). The first university which was not established at the state capital of Australia, the history of UNE can be traced back to the 1920s. As one of the most famous Australian universities in teaching, training and research, UNE has a very good reputation. Evaluation from graduates has been very high. UNE provides various learning opportunities for international students, as well as a high-quality education, excellent learning and leisure facilities and support, and a conductive learning environment. At present, there are 18000 students, more than 500 international students, 500 post doctoral workstations, which reflects the academic power and position of UNE.

Geographical Environment

UNE is located in Armidale, New South Wales (Armidale is located between Sydney and Brisbane). New England is a picturesque area with canyons, waterfalls and streams. The words “elegant learning environment” could be chosen to describe UNE, which is well-known for its high-quality teaching and research and the surroundings of charming New England scenery.


    The library of UNE includes Dixson Library, Law Library and UNE Heritage Centre. Dixson Library is the central library of UNE, which is equipped with Learning Commons, computer lab, multimedia room, studio, study room and PBL. The library has more than 1 million printed books, numerous special collections and newspapers from different parts of northern New South Wales.

There is also a Law Library at the southern end of the Economics, Business & Law Building. This library serves for students and staff both on campus and online, which is also the information resource center of UNE.

The Heritage Centre, located on the campus of Newlyn, have University of New England and Regional Archives and Museum of Education.

The student card serves as the library card, which could also be used for copying, printing, the access card to classrooms and IT laboratory, and ID card as well. Many functions of the library can be fulfilled from myUNE on the web site of UNE.

Campus life

Leisure and Entertainment

Abundant social activities are provided in the accommodation area to relax students while learning. The sports facilities of UNE are the best in north of New South Wales.

Clubs and Associations

Armidale International Association is a basic organization, providing assistance to international students and their families. The association arranges social activities to expose overseas students to other groups of Armidale, to enjoy the hospitality of Australians. The International Student Association, with all its members being students, represents the interests of all international students. Its purposes and objectives are: to strengthen the friendship between international students and Australians, to ensure the interests and welfare of international students,  to promote exchanges and to explore issues of common interest by holding seminars.