Student Life

Shopping and Recreation


1. Central Street: a blend of food and specialties all over Harbin. The main shopping centers around here are New 100, Mykal, Golden Sun Boutique, Parkson, Central Mall, Jindi Mall, and Euro Plaza Shopping Center, etc..

Bus routes : take bus No. 53 from Nantong Street station and get off at Central Street Station.

2. Churin Business District: Churin Mall, Churin Company, Grand Shopping Center, Songlei Mall, Hongbo Underground Mall and Churin Underground Mall.

Bus routes: take bus No. 6 from Nantong Street station and get off at the station of Churin company.

3. Exhibition Center: Carrefour, Hongbo Underground Shopping Mall.

Bus route: take bus No. 203 from Hongping Community station and get off at Exhibition Center station.