Student Life



1. In China, all motor vehicles and non-vehicles will keep to the right of the road. There are many vehicles driving on the road of Harbin, so for safety reasons walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the right of the road. Take the zebra crossing or pedestrian overpass to cross the road.

2. Watch the traffic lights while crossing road. If no traffic lights, observe carefully and make sure it is safe to cross the road.

3. Carpooling is allowed in Harbin taxies. Passengers will be sent to their destination in accordance with the order they get onto the taxi. Ask for an invoice and keep it after getting off.

4. If there is a traffic accident, call “110” or “122” immediately. At the same time, call your teacher, keep the scene intact, and wait for the traffic police officer. If the driver of the accident did not stop and run away, take down the license plate number of the vehicle and the direction of escape, and then report to the traffic police.