Director General of Arabia Atomic Energy Agency Salam Hamdi Visit HEU


On May 25th, Salam Hamdi, Director General of Arabia Atomic Energy Agency,along with one of his staff members, visited HEU. President Yao Yu met with them.

Salam Hamdi hopes his visit could promote the exchange and cooperation of technology and talents between Arabia Atomic Energy Agency and China in the field of nuclear. He said, as Harbin Engineering University has rich experience and outstanding achievements in developing talents of nuclear application and research, he hope to cooperate with HEU on diploma program for high-level talents and on-the-job training.

Yao Yu welcomed the visitors on behalf of HEU. He introduced the development and characteristics of nuclear subject in HEU, and also the talent cultivation in cooperation with some international organizations. In addition, he highlighted the international assistance program of International Atomic Energy Agency that HEU is about to take part in and to jointly set up a program of academic education of master’s degree for talents majoring in nuclear science and engineering. Both parties discussed around potential cooperation project.

Salam Hamdi and his delegation made an inspection tour to the College of Nuclear of HEU to see the conditions of teaching and research. They also visited College of International Cooperative Education, the Library, Students Creating workshop, the apartments for overseas students and experts.

It is reported that, on May 24th,Salam Hamdi, on behalf of the Arabia Atomic Energy Agency, signed the “Memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a training center for the peaceful use of nuclear energy in Arabia” with China National Atomic Energy Agency. Besides, he visited and got to know China’s training resources in nuclear industry and the design of “Hualong No.1” nuclear power plant.